Rules, Regulations, & Policies

Pursuant to the Open Public Meeting Acts (C.231, PL of NJ1975) the following names newspaper be and the same hereby designates as the newspapers to receive the notices of meetings of this Authority because hereinafter designated newspapers have the greatest likelihood of informing the public within the Town of Guttenberg of the meeting of this Authority.

The Record, a newspaper published in Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey and circulated in the Town of Guttenberg.

The El Especial, a newspaper that caters specifically to the counties of Hudson, Bergen, Hudson and Essex, and circulated at the Town of Guttenberg.

The bulletin board, located in the Municipal Building, 6808 Park Avenue. Guttenberg, NJ be and the same is hereby designated as the official public space where all notices of meetings of the Housing Authority, together with all other notices which may be required by law or by designation of this Authority to be posted, shall be posted pursuant to the aforesaid Open Public Meetings Act.


  1. VAWA Policy
  2. Pet Policy
  3. No-Smoking Policy
  4. Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan
  5. GHA Grievance Procedure
  6. Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy